Acceptable Use Policy
This is an Acceptable Usage Policy Agreement (referred to as “AUP”) between SGCUBE.COM (referred to as “SGCUBE”) and its respective Paying Clients (referred to as “Clients”) and shall be effective on the date of the service commencement.

This agreement governs the terms and conditions in which SGCUBE provides it hosting services to its clients. Clients are required to read through and understand the various policies governing our hosting services. By signing up for our hosting services, the clients would have been deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions as stated by this agreement. This policy is drawn out in order to provide a high standard of service to our clients.

Please contact should you have any queries.

   1.1. The server and account facilities are to be used by the primary account holders or assigned administrators by the client.
   1.2. Clients are not permitted to disclose accounts details to other parties except SGCUBE Management.
   1.3. Clients are not permitted to resell, sell or trade accounts with other parties without prior permission from SGCUBE.
   1.4. Clients are not permitted to advertise hosting services from other companies other than SGCUBE.COM

   2.1. The Following Activities / Content are strictly forbidden.
     2.1.1. Pornography
     2.1.2. Hacking
     2.1.3. Intellectual Rights Property
     2.1.4. Resource Intensive Program
     2.1.5. Security Exploits
     2.1.6. Defamation
     2.1.7. Spam / Unsolicited Mails
     2.1.8. Abuse
     2.1.9. Unlawful Activities
     2.1.10. Any other activities or content deem unlawful / illegal by the Laws of Singapore.

   3.1. Hosting Advertisements from other hosting companies must be approved by SGCUBE prior to posting.
   3.2. Pornographic Advertisement is strictly prohibited.
   3.3. Unsolicited commercial advertising is strictly prohibited.
   3.4. Spamming is strictly prohibited.
   3.5. Failure to comply will result in immediate account suspension.

   4.1. Suspended accounts resulting from the violation of the AUP will not be compensated.
   4.2. The client will be held liable to the charges / cost / damage incurred resulting from the violation of the AUP.
   4.3. SGCUBE shall not be liable to inform the client in the event of account suspension or termination resulting from the violation of the AUP.

   5.1. Clients are permitted to make use of the allocated bandwidth assigned to the client accounts.
   5.2. Clients’ accounts that exceeded the allocated bandwidth shall be suspended within the client request for more bandwidth or change to a plan with a higher bandwidth allocation.

   6.1. Clients are responsible for the prompt payment to their hosting account.
   6.2. Clients are to inform one month in advance in the event should the client decides to terminate their hosting account with SGCUBE.
   6.3. The Client hosting account will be liable for suspension should the client failed to make the required payments to SGCUBE when the payment is due. A grace of 7 days will be given.

   7.1. SGCUBE reserved the rights to amend this policy at any time deemed necessary so as to maintain a high standard of service to our clients.

   8.1. SGCUBE shall not be held in anyway responsible due to lost of businesses resulting for the unavailability of the services provided.
   8.2. SGCUBE shall not be held responsible for the loss of data. Clients are required to backup their own account data by means of the backup utilities that is available in their web administrative panel.
   8.3. SGCUBE does not and cannot control the flow of information from the SGCUBE Network or the Internet. The performance of the server and network traffic flow will be dependent on the types of data that the clients stores on our servers. SGCUBE shall disclaim any liability resulting from related events. However SGCUBE shall take appropriate actions and preventive measures to minimize such events.
   8.4. SGCUBE shall disclaim any liability from the failures, repairs, modification that results from the clients actions on his account on the server.
   8.5. SGCUBE shall not be held responsible for the client lost of domain name control, resulting from the customer failure to pay the yearly subscription fees.
   8.6. SGCUBE shall not be held responsible should the client account be misuse by 3rd parties resulting from the client failure to maintain its account information and security passwords.

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