Service level agreement
This is a Service Level Agreement (referred to as “SLA”) between SGCUBE.COM (referred to as “SGCUBE”) and its respective Paying Clients (referred to as “Clients”) and shall be effective on the date of the service commencement.

This agreement governs the terms and conditions in which SGCUBE provides it hosting services to its clients. Clients are required to read through and understand the various policies governing our hosting services. By signing up for our hosting services, the clients would have been deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions as stated by this agreement. This policy is drawn out in order to provide a high standard of service to our clients.

Please contact should you have any queries.

   1.1. Services: Web / Email Hosting, Domain Registration and any other relevant services provided by SGCUBE governed by the features and options that is published on SGCUBE Corporate Website (
   1.2. Network: Network owned, operated and maintained by SGCUBE that is being used for the provision of the services, commencing from SGCUBE’s router to the Network Card of the relevant Server Machine, but shall exclude all communications facilities between the Client’s locations and the public telecommunication network. Network Availability shall refer to availability solely within the Network.
   1.3. Uptime: Availability of Services provided within the Network, excluding the period of planned maintenance works and/or upgrades that will be performed on the related hardware/software from time to time.
   1.4. Downtime: The amount of service unavailability within the network.
   1.5. Downtime Credits: Applicable percentage of the monthly fees and charges due for the Services. The maximum sum of the total downtime credits applied in a single calendar year shall not exceed the ceiling for fees made payable than that of two months of services rendered. The applicable credits shall not include setup fees, application fees or any hardware equipment required. Downtime credits shall only be applicable to clients who have signed up for duration of not less the two months.
   1.6. Unmanaged Hosting: Standard email/web hosting services provided with basic technical support via email. Clients are to maintain and managed their own email/web accounts.
   1.7. Managed Hosting: Advance email/web hosting services provided with managed support to the clients by taking charge of the administration of the email/web accounts. Requests are submitted via emails, and the standard response time will be 24hours.
   1.8. Premium Hosting: shall be referred to the premium hosting services provided as with a managed hosting account as well as a premium telephone support and a response time of 6 hours retaining to all requests.
   1.9. Qualifying Fault: Fault leading to a total loss of Services, for example: No transmission of signal with the network for a period of not less than fifteen minutes.
   1.10. Compensation: The compensation in terms of Downtime Credits to be credited into the Clients Account in accordance with this SLA.
   1.11. AUP: Acceptable Use Policy, this is the policy which governs the proper and legal use for the services provided by SGCUBE to its clients.

   2.1. SGCUBE shall be committed to provide our clients with a minimum uptime availability of at least 99.8%.
      2.1.1. The amount of uptime shall be calculated as follows,

Uptime % = Total Network Available Hours – Total Network Downtime Hours x 100%.
Total Network Available Hours = Total Network Hours – Planned Maintenance Hours.
Total Network Unavailable Hours = Time of trouble ticket submission – Time of qualifying fault remedied.

      2.1.2. SGCUBE shall inform the client of the rectification of the qualifying fault by means of an electronic mail or a telephone call to the account contact person. The Qualifying Fault will be deemed rectified should the client not response within one hour after SGCUBE notified the client of the rectification of the qualifying fault.
      2.1.3. In the event, should the client failed to follow up with the qualifying fault within the one hour period, any qualifying fault reported thereafter will be considered a new qualifying fault irregardless should the mentioned qualifying fault is related in any way to the previous qualifying fault ticket submission.
      2.1.4. The amount of compensation provided shall be calculated as follows,

Uptime of less than 99.8% = 0% Downtime Credit of Monthly Payment.
Uptime of less than 99.0% = 5% Downtime Credit of Monthly Payment.
Uptime of less than 98.0% = 10% Downtime Credit of Monthly Payment.
Uptime of less than 95.0% = 25% Downtime Credit of Monthly Payment.

   2.2. SGCUBE shall respond to all clients’ requests and queries within a minimum period of 24 hours (GMT +8).

   3.1. All faults report shall be send via SGCUBE Trouble Ticketing System or through proper channels as indicated on SGCUBE Corporate Website.
   3.2. Failure to report faults via stated channels will not be liable to compensation.

   4.1. SGCUBE shall agreed to compensate our clients should we failed to fulfill the level service commitment as stated by this SLA.
   4.2. Compensations in terms of Downtime Credits shall be credited into our clients account in order to offset any future payments to be made to SGCUBE.
   4.3. Compensation shall not cover payment made for the following services
      4.3.1. Domain Registrations / Transfers / Renewal
      4.3.2. Setup charges
      4.3.3. Installation Fees

   5.1. SGCUBE shall not be held responsible in the event of services unavailability arising from the following:
      5.1.1. Problems caused by the client’s equipment such as Personal Computers, Gateways, Routers, Local Area Networks, Firewalls, Modems.
      5.1.2. Problems with the client’s software configurations.
      5.1.3. Misplaced passwords.
      5.1.4. Termination of service due to payments unpaid to SGCUBE or due to violation of the AUP.
      5.1.5. Problems caused which are beyond the controls of SGCUBE, including but not limited to events such as Natural Disasters, War, Riots, Power Failure, Lightning, etc, etc.

   6.1. SGCUBE shall retain the right to amend this SLA accordingly as and when there is a need to in order to maintain the high level of service to our clients.
   6.2. SGCUBE reserves the rights to reject or terminate any orders or accounts that are in violation of SGCUBE Service Policies.
   6.3. SGCUBE shall retain the rights to suspend any account suspected of violating any usage policies or performing any illegal processes that would occupy more than a fair share of the server resources and/or CPU time.

   7.1. The client account shall be automatically renewed upon expiry with the provision of the due fees paid to SGCUBE before the expiry. Failure to pay the due fees will result in the suspension or termination of the account as see fit by the management.

   8.1. SGCUBE shall not be held in anyway responsible due to lost of businesses resulting for the unavailability of the services provided.
   8.2. SGCUBE shall not be held responsible for the loss of data. Clients are required to backup their own account data by means of the backup utilities that is available in their web administrative panel.
   8.3. SGCUBE does not and cannot control the flow of information from the SGCUBE Network or the Internet. The performance of the server and network traffic flow will be dependent on the types of data that the clients stores on our servers. SGCUBE shall disclaim any liability resulting from related events. However SGCUBE shall take appropriate actions and preventive measures to minimize such events.
   8.4. SGCUBE shall disclaim any liability from the failures, repairs, modification that results from the clients actions on his account on the server.
   8.5. SGCUBE shall not be held responsible for the client lost of domain name control, resulting from the customer failure to pay the yearly subscription fees.
   8.6. SGCUBE shall not be held responsible should the client account be misuse by 3rd parties resulting from the client failure to maintain its account information and security passwords.

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